XMB Wave Screensaver

by AgentOrange

DOWNLOAD v0.98b (NEW!)

DOWNLOAD v0.5 Beta1

[ INFO... ]

This is just a simple Windows Screensaver
inspired by the XMB Wave. Have fun!


- Unpack to a directory of your choice

- Right-Click "Wave_by_AoR.SCR" and pick


- v0.98b
+ Small fixes (Position of Configuration Window, Reset Visual Options)

- v0.98
+ Again improved Multi-Monitor Supprt.
  The Screensaver should now span across all screens
+ Added more compatibility options:
  Resolution override option
  (for very large desktop resolutions that your 3d card cannot support)
+ Added option to reset all settings to their default value

- v0.97
+ Added option to pick a background image (BMP/JPG)
+ Added compatibility mode for older (onboard) gfx cards
supporting only 512 x 512 texture resolution
* Waves are smooth again (thx asuswild)
* Enabled VSync by default (even smoother wave movement)
* Fixed Speed - Setting could not be saved (thx CertifiedDORK)
* Fixed fading error

- v0.96
* Fixed a bug preventing this to work on WinXP

- v0.95
* Probably fixed flickering on startup
* Problems with hiding Mouse Cursor fixed

- v0.9
+ Added Control Panel
+ Color selection, Custom colors
+ Frequency of Colorchange, Background Options
+ Wave Speed, Wave Height
* Fixed Several smaller Bugs

- v0.5
* Fixed Bug concerning Multi-Monitors / Widescreens
* Fixed Timing Errors

- BETA 1
* First Public Beta Release